Get creative using our exciting range of colourful toppings and inclusions.
Combine textures and colours to make your ice cream irresistible.  

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Amaretti Granules x 4kg
Item No. INC40452
1 X 4KG 96 8
Blue Bubble Crunch x 15kg
Item No. INC53322
1 X 15KG 40 8
Bulk Assorted Sugar Strands x 15kg
Item No. INC49516
1 X 15KG 40 8
Butterscotch Chips Dark x 10kg
Item No. INC028
1 X 10KG 50 10
Caramel Crunch x 25kg
Item No. TB156BULK
1 X 25KG 20 4
Caramel Cups x 10kg
Item No. INC56286
1 X 10 KG 80 10
Caramel Mini Fudge Cubes x 10kg
Item No. INC26937
1 X 10KG 60 10
Choc Coated Toffee Pieces x 1kg
Item No. INC6124
1 X 1KG 30 5
Chocolate Coffee Beans x 2.5kg
Item No. INC6460
1 X 2.4KG 144 6