Fabbri Gourmet Sauces

Superb quality topping sauces from Fabbri.
Ideal for all kinds of decoration - including ice cream, semifreddo, fruit salad and desserts.

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Amarena Gourmet Sauce 99T- Gold x 950g
Item No. GS50253G
6 X 950G 630 21
Amaretto Gourmet Sauce 07N x 950g
Item No. GS13517
6 X 950G 630 21
Blueberry Gourmet Sauce 16W x 950g
Item No. GS24728
6 X 950G 630 21
Caramel Gourmet Sauce 08W x 950g
Item No. GS13562
6 X 950G 630 21
Chocolate Gourmet Sauce 08Q x 950g
Item No. GS13555
6 X 950G 630 21
Coconut Gourmet Sauce 28Q x 900g
Item No. GS41725
6 X 900G 630 21
Coffee Gourmet Sauce 07Q x 950g
Item No. GS13524
6 X 950G 630 21
Cotton Candy Gourmet Sauce 74F x 950g
Item No. GS41732
6 X 950G 630 21
Dark Choc Gourmet Sauce 96C - Gold x 800g
Item No. GS34321G
6 X 800G 630 21