Chocolate Powders

Fabbri have developed a full range of semi finished, perfectly balanced chocolate powders for both
the small and large user. The ready to use powders have already been balanced with emulsifiers and
stabilisers and just need liquid, or liquid and sugar, to be complete before processing.

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Cocoa Powder Black 10-12% Fat 1 x 25kg
Item No. CH800
1 X 25KG 30 6
Cocoa Powder Red 10-12% Fat 1 x 25kg
Item No. CH28665
1 X 25KG 30 6
Fab Gran Fondente - Plain N74 x 2.5kg
Item No. CP15443
8 X 2.5KG 160 4
Fabbri Cocoa Powder 22-24% Fat R85 x 1kg
Item No. CP13975
12 X 1KG 360 6
Fabbri Gran Cioccolato - Milk N71 x 2.5kg
Item No. CP13982
8 X 2.5KG 160 4