Chocolate Inclusions

Add that extra piece of luxury to your ice cream with our range of chocolate inclusions.

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Blossom Dark x 2.5kg
Item No. CH100R
1 X 2.5KG 1 1
Blossom Dark x 4kg
Item No. CH100
1 X 4KG 10 10
Blossom Milk x 4kg
Item No. CH102
1 X 4KG 60 0
Blossom White x 4kg
Item No. CH158
1 X 4KG 1 0
Chocolate Chunks Dark 8mm x 25kg
Item No. CH009
1 X 25KG 1 0
Dark Chocolate Callets x 10kg
Item No. CH2000
2 X 10KG 1 0
Double Chocolate Chips Glazed x 20kg
Item No. CH008NR
1 X 20KG 36 6
Milk Choc Callets x 10kg
Item No. CH2001
2 X 10KG 1 0
Washington Bits Dark Chocolate x 25kg
Item No. CH363
1 X 25KG 1 0

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