Fabbri Mixybar is the perfect partner, whether it’s coffee, milkshakes, cocktails or a refreshing summer drink.
Fabbri Mixybar adds that special something to any beverage, hot or cold.

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Amarena Mixybar* 19D x 1.3kg
Item No. MB28719
6 X 1.3KG 21 21
Amaretto Mixybar* 98D x 1.3kg
Item No. MB21291
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Banana Mixybar* 83F x 1.3kg
Item No. MB17935
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Caramel Mixybar* 38G x 1.3kg
Item No. MB21277
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Chocolate Mixybar* 43G x 1.3kg
Item No. MB30613
6 X 1.3KG 1 0
Cinnamon Mixybar* 99D x 1.3kg
Item No. MB21307
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Coconut Mixybar* 83B x 1.3kg
Item No. MB17690
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Cola Mixybar* 84A x 1.3kg
Item No. MB18178
6 X 1.3KG 84 21
Fabbri Chococioc Piu Flavour T52 x 1kg
Item No. NF15375
6 X 1KG 30 6