Add a touch of luxury to your ice cream with these enticing ripples.

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Biscotti-Cookies Ripple 50T x 4.3kg
Item No. MR22601
3 X 4.3KG 30 5
Chocolate Stracciatella 63R x 3.8kg
Item No. CF14439
3 X 3.8KG 30 5
Crockantella Ripple 50D x 3.3kg
Item No. MR11964
3 X 3.3KG 30 5
Crockolosi Cioccobianco 53D x 4.2kg
Item No. MR16341
3 X 4.2KG 30 5
Crockolosi Coffee 89V x 3.8kg
Item No. MR19465
3 X 3.8KG 30 5
Crockolosi Gianduia Dark Choc 53F x 3.8kg
Item No. MR14606
3 X 3.8KG 30 5
Crockolosi Hazelnut 53B x 3.9kg
Item No. MR14637
3 X 3.9KG 30 5
Crockolosi Honey & Quinoa 1.3Kg 4AC Tin
Item No. MR26736
3 X 1.3KG 160 20
Crockolosi Wafer 61W x 3.5kg
Item No. MR50284
3 X 3.5KG 30 5

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