Simplé Range

It couldn’t be simpler! These products can also be used to make semifreddo patisserie with a
serving temperature of below -18°C, soaking syrups for sponges, fillings for ice cream cakes
and to make soft ice cream.

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Simplé Aloe 68E* x 1.5kg
Item No. S52310
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Simplé Blond Chocolate 1BC* x 1.25kg
Item No. S51203
12 X 1.25K 20 4
Simplé Blueberry* 63C x 1.5kg
Item No. S12220
8 X 1.5KG 1 0
Simplé Chocolate* 62H x 1.45kg
Item No. S12084
8 X1.45KG 1 0
Simplé Green Apple 64J* x 1.5kg
Item No. S27941
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Simplé Kiwi 64Y* x 1.5kg
Item No. S27910
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Simplé Mojito* 62E x 1.5kg
Item No. S21079
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Simplé Mulberry* 62Z x 1.5kg
Item No. S21062
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Simplé Pineapple* 62R x 1.5kg
Item No. S12299
8 X 1.5KG 56 7