Fabbri Additions

Speciality products, ideal for decorating ice cream sundaes or top with
whipped cream for miniature pastries.

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Amarena Wild Cherries 03M x 3.2kg
Item No. FAB22779
6X 3.2KG 40 5
Amarena Wild Cherries 41N x 230g Opaline Jars
Item No. FAB14150
6 X 230G 273 21
Amarena Wild Cherries 70U x 120g Opaline Jars
Item No. FAB14095R
24 X 120G 1 0
Amarena Wild Cherries 83Y x 600g Opaline Jars
Item No. FAB23660
6 X 600G 99 11
Cocktail Cherries with Stalks C45 x 470g
Item No. FAB14101
6 X 470G 204 17
Rum Babas Alcohol Syrup E40 x 1.9kg
Item No. FAB14132
3 X 1.9KG 96 16
Rum Babas In Alcohol Syrup B99 x 400g
Item No. FAB41459
6 X 400G 204 17
Strawberries Bakestable 06J x 3.2kg
Item No. FAB28573
3 X 3.2KG 80 10
Strawberries FT3 x 600g Opaline Jars
Item No. FAB28566
6 X 600G 99 11