Flavours for cream based ice cream which can be used on their own,
blended with other flavours and inclusions to create unique combinations.

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Advocaat - Egg Brandy Paste x 1kg
Item No. GEL247
6 X 1KG 96 12
Almond Delipaste 60Y x 1.35kg
Item No. CF13050
8 X1.35KG 56 7
Amarena G Delipaste 58H x 1.5kg
Item No. FFG12411
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Amaretto Delipaste 60N x 1.3kg
Item No. CF13067
8 X 1.3KG 56 7
Apricot Delipaste EU 23N x 1.5kg
Item No. FF25466
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Babà Delipaste 13G x 4.7kg
Item No. CF33515
3 X 4.7KG 30 6
Banana Delipaste EU 24C x 1.5kg
Item No. FFG25305
8 X 1.5KG 56 7
Banana Paste Industrial Bucket 17W x 13kg
Item No. FF146393
1 X 13KG 52 0

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